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Packing, High Sierra and Owens Valley Stories: H - M
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Hadlock, Nancy green Horse Meadows and Bohler Canyon Arborglyphs: History Recorded on the Trees new 02/21
Hancock, Leslie A. green Observatory of Lone Pine
Hansen, Robin green Lighting and the Mountain
Hanson, Chester G. green City Fixes Towns' Price
Harrington, Bryon green The Fat Cat From Fat Hill Gets Skinned
Harvey, Marian green Mysterious Lake, The
Haun, Kathleen green Cerro Gordo, California, Dear Carrie
Hemming, Aubrey green 1: Letter from the L.A. County Board of Supervisors - April 23, 1942
green 2: Letter from the L.A. County Agricultural Commissioner - May 11, 1942
green 3: L.A. County Certification of Instruction
green 4: State of California - Sergeant of Service Company Appointment
Heritage & Humble Pie, Stories From

green Big Pine
green Bright Ranch Blackberry Pie - The Story
green But Life Goes On
green Classic Pie Crust
green County Shares a Nation's Shame, The
green Darwin
green Easy as Pie
Giant Awakens, The
green Gone Fishin'
green Grandma's Pies
green Greatest Good for the Greatest Number, The
green Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

green If People Concentrated on the Really Important Things in Life, There'd be a Shortage of Fishing Poles (by Doug Larson)
green Independence
green It Can Happen to Anyone (by Emily Gatlin)
green It's a Rough Road That Leads to the Heights of Greatness
green Lake No More, A
green Lone Pine
green Mining in the New County
green New County Prospers, The
green Paradise Found
green Plea for Help, A
green Smaller Towns, The
green Story of the Bird Pie, The
green Things Will Never Quite be the Same
green Times Change for Everyone
green When the Public's Right to Know is Threatened (by Christopher Dodd)
green Where Water Flows, Food Grows

Hilderman, Lillian Larson green Keeler
Hoffman, Abraham green Dedicating the Aqueduct Cascade
Myth, History and Water in the Eastern Sierra
Holser, William T. green Memoir of an unrepentant romantic Caltech undergraduate - 1938 - 1942
Hooper, Mildred green So ... What's a Navajo Taco
Hopkins, Sarah Winnemucca green Paiute Life
H. S. Indian School green The Oglala Light - Page 1
The Oglala Light - Page 2
The Oglala Light - Page 3
Hubbard, Anita Day green First High Horse Trip, The
green First High Horse Trip
Hughes, Bill green Return to Those Thrilling Days of "Gunga Din"
Hungerford, John B. green Farewell to the Slim Princess
green Footnotes to the 4th Edition of "The Slim Princess"
Hutchings' California Magazine green Packing in the Mountains of California
Ickes, Harold L. green Coso Quicksilver District, Inyo County, California, The
Independence Heritage green Souvenir Booklet of Independence new 08/22
Inyo Chamber of Commerce green Inyo Magazine - 15 July 1908
Inyo Magazine - 01 August 1908
Inyo County Board of Supervisors green Sherman Stevens' Timber Empire
Inyo-Mono Fishing Guide: 1953 green Packing In . . . to Top Spots new 03/22
Inyo-Mono Fishing Guide: 1955 green For the Flying Fisherman new 04/22
green The Slim Princess new 04/22
Page 1, Page 2
Inyo-Mono Fishing Guide: 1956 green High Sierra Nellie new 04/22
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
Inyo-Mono Fishing Guide: 1957 green King of the Mountains - Bill Burrud's Wanderlust Trip to Mt. Whitney new 04/22
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
Inyo's Favorite "Cookie" new 04/22
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
A Pack Trip Can Be Fun new 04/22
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Inyo-Mono Fishing Guide: 1962 green Mt. Whitney Marathon new 03/22
Inyo National Forest green Mountain Telephone Numbers new 08/21
Jarosinski, Jessica green Volcanic History of the Long Valley Caldera Region, The
Jenkins, Marguerite green Dirty Sock ... A "For Free" Spa on the Mojave Desert
Jepson, Willis Linn green Mt. Whitney, Whitney Creek, and Poison Meadow Trail
green Mules and Men
Jones, John E. green A Pioneer Record
Jordan, William F. green  Old Jordan Trail (Toll Road), The
Kelley, Tracy Randall green The Frying Pan as an Oven
Kim, Jimin - Beverly Milner & Sunghee Shin green Comfort Women During World War II, The new 03/21
Koch, Fred green Golden Trout of Cottonwood Lakes, The
Koch, R. W. green The Mystery of the Saline Valley Liberator
Krater, Katharine green Beloved House, The
Do You Remember Manzanar
Two Times the Stranger
Kunze, C. E. green Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 1 - Inyo Farmers Loose Fight
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 2 - Struggle for Water
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 3 - Tragedy Stalks Owens Valley
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 4 - The Fate of Big Pine
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 5 - "White Gold" Disaster
green Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 8 - L.A. Aqueduct History
Kurtak, Joseph green Adamson Mine new 11/21
green Brownstone Mine new 11/21
green Hanging Valley Mine new 11/21
green Lakeview Mine new 11/21
green Lambert Mine new 11/21
green Okieville new 11/21
green Pine Creek Mine new 11/21
green Tungstar Mine new 11/21
Kyne, Peter B. green Two Mules and a Motorist
LAWDP green Los Angles DWP Operations in the Mono Basin
Langley, Christopher green High and Dry: Caretaking the Ghosts of Cerro Gordo
Laudermilk, Jerry green Mirage - Magic of the Air
Larson, Enid green Sunland new 10/22
Lawbaugh, A. La Vielle green When Lead Was Mined at the Cerro Gordo
Leadabrand, Russ green Into Southern Inyo County
North of Bishop
green Photographer of the Desert (Burton Frasher) new 01/23
Le Conte, J. N. green The Diamond Hitch
Lee, Bourke green Death Valley Men: Main Trails - Western Gates to Death Valley new 11/21
Lee, Harry J. green Mountain Views
Lee, W. Storrs green Neither Water Nor Grass -- Nothing
Revolution in the Laundry
Leet, Bill green Tunnel Guard Station - circa 1965
Lent, Joseph green The Ever-Changing World of the Paiute new 03/21
Leschen & Sons Rope Company green Half a Century of Rope Making new 01/21
Lewis, Oscar green Home on the Range
green Some Sierra Superlatives
Lewis, Sam green Sam Lewis Journal
Ligenfelter, Richard green Desert Steamers, The
Likes, Robert C. green Mono Mills to Bodie
Little, Jane Braxton green Keeping the Dust Down in California's Owens Valley
Livermore Jr., Norman B. (Ike) green A One-Man Diamond Hitch
green A West Side Packer on the High Trip
green High Sierra Recollections by William E. Colby
green Oh! For the Life of a Packer!
green Out of the Past
green Packing, 50 Years Ago
green Sierra Packing and Wilderness Policy
green Some High Sierra Recollections by William E. Colby
Lloyd, Audrey Walls green Saga of Death Valley's Jimmy Dayton
Lofinck, Sewell green From Coso to Carricart new 10/22
Lone Pine Lumber green Sawdust Magazine - June 1944
green Sawdust Magazine - July 1944
green Sawdust Magazine - August 1944
green Sawdust Magazine - September 1944
Sawdust Magazine - October 1944
Lone Pine Stampede green 1946 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1947 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1948 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1950 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1955 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1956 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1963 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1970 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1971 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1973 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1949 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1951 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1952 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1954 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green 1957 Lone Pine Stampede Program
green Lone Pine Stampede Program - Silver Anniversary Issue
Los Angeles Daily Herald, The green Glimpse of Owens Valley, A
Owens Lake Monster, The
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power green Water Delivered 250 Miles to you for 5 cents a Ton new 01/21
Los Angeles Times, The green Board of Water and Power Commissioners Denies Liability
Councilman Alan Seeks Water Facts
Dr. Lindley Describes His View of the Trip Along the Aqueduct
green Half of Aqueduct Part Starts Home
green L.A. Gets No Owens Valley Runoff for the First Time Since 1913
Legislature Takes Hand in Owens Valley Row
Owens Valley Ante Rises
Owens Valley "Facts" Printed
Peace Moves are Started in War Over Aqueduct
Police Ready to Rush North
"Times" Aqueduct Excursion Opens Vistas of Prosperity
Madina, Frank M.
(Native American from Independence)
green Where Have All the Ranches Gone
Mann, William Jack green Sketches of the Saline Valley and the Salt Tram new 01/21
Manzanar - Charter green Manzanar Charter
Manzanar Free Press green Manzanar Free Press Anniversary Edition
Manzanar High School green Commencement Exercise - July 3, 1943
green Sophomore Installation
Manzanar National Historic Site green Manzanar Internment Timeline 1942 - 1945
Manzanar War Relocation Authority green Health and Physical Education - Education Section
green Toy Loan Library at Manzanar new 07/21
March, Jane Braxton Little green Keeping the Dust Down in California's Owens Valley
Martin, Emilie green Construction of the Whitney Portal Road
Matlick, Myrtle green Autobiography of Myrtle Matlick of Bishop
McAdie, Alexander, G. green Mount Whitney Meteorological Observatory
Observatory on Mount Whitney, The
McDermand, Charles green Let's Go Fishing new 07/21
McMorris & Gans green How to Get Rich in California
McFadden, Roni green John S. Slaughter
Melley, Brian green Down from the Mountain, Japanese Internee's Remains Return Home
Merritt, Ralph P. green Manzanar Session of the Inyo and Mono Counties
Meyerhoff, Rick green Tails of the Trail
Mills, Martha L. green Beautiful Orchard - Manzanar, The
green Henry Lenbeck Family - Manzanar
Millspaugh, Al green Saga of the Bessie Brady, The
Mineral Information Service green Soda Ash Industry of Owens Lake
Mineral King Independent News green Avalanche at Jordan new 01/22
Mitchell, Roger green Where the Falls Turned to Stone
green Avalanche on Copper Mountain new 12/21
Moore, Barbara green The Jordan Tragedy new 12/21
Moore, J. R. green Trouting over the Hockett Trail
Moore, Rena Beth green A Trip to Mt. Whtiney - 1921
green Cattle Drive - 1920
green Cloudburst Portals - 1945
green Monache Tour
Monache Tour 1925
green Our New Life
Pack Trains
Morgan, Charles green Bruce Morgan, A Life Sketch new 07/21
Mt. Whitney Pack Trains
Mt. Whitney Packers and Friends - 1995 Reunion Brochure
green Mule Packers and the Sierra Club
Mount Whitney Ranger District green History of Jordan Hot Springs
Muir, John green A Near View of the High Sierra
green Glacier Meadows, The new 07/21
green Passes, The new 07/21
Sierra Thunderstorms
green Snow, The new 07/21
green Water-Ouzel, The new 07/21
green Wind-Storm in the Forest, A new 07/21
Mule Days Magazine Articles green 1993 Mule Days Celebration Dignitaries - Tommy Jefferson
Ernest Kinney 
green Bobby Tanner
green Dennis Winchester
green Dr. Bill Carter
green History of Sierra Nevada Packing, The (by Bob Tanner)
Ike Livermore
Irene Kritz - Backcountry Cook
green Jan Almquist
green Kathy Bancroft - Backcountry Cook (by David B. Reynolds)
green Marye Roeser
green Mule Days History
green Out of the Past - Some Ike Livermore Memories
green Packing in the Mountains of California
green Roeser Family, The
green Sierra Club Album and Ike Livermore
green Susan Jefferson-Bobb - Backcountry Cook
green Vernon "Tongs" Chinn - Backcountry Cook
green Wayne & Vasie Tex
Museum of Western Film History green Alabama Hills: History and Cultural Importance - CSS Alabama & USS Kearsarge
green Alabama Hills - Movie History & Geology
green Audie Murphy: Jun 20, 1925 - May 28, 1971
green Bonanza Series - NBC 1959 - 1973
green Brenkert Theater Projector
green Commercial Shooting in the Alabamas
green Django Unchained (2012)
green George Montgomery: Aug 29, 1916 - Dec 12, 2000

green Gladiator
green Great Train Robbery (1903) - America's First Western
green Greed (1924)
green Gunga Din (1939) - RKO Pictures
green High Sierra (1941)
green History of the Lone Pine Stampede, The new 07/21
green Hopalong Cassidy and the Lost Lone Pine Town of Anchorville
green Hopalong Cassidy Exhibit
green Hopalong Cassidy Savings Club
green Iron Man
green John Wayne: May 26, 1907 - Jun 11, 1979
green Key TV Shows, Stars and Character Names
green Magic of Movies, The
green Miller Brothers 101 Ranch
green Movie Road Self-Guided Tour
green Randolph Scott: Jan 23, 1898 - Mar 2, 1987
green RKO Camera Car - 1928 Lincoln
green Round-Up, (1920), The
green Stagecoach from the Movie Rawhide
green Stuntmen
green Tom Mix - 1937 Cord
green Tom Mix: Jan 6, 1880 - Oct 12, 1940
green Tremors
green TV Westerns: An American Love Affair
green Twilight Zone TV Series, The
green William A. Wellman: Feb 29, 1896 - Dec 9, 1975
green William Witney: May 5, 1915 - Mar 17, 2002
green Zane Grey - Father of the Western Genre: Jan 31, 1872 - Oct 23, 1939


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