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Packing, High Sierra, and Owens Valley Stories

Packing, High Sierra and Owens Valley Stories: A - G


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All Visitors red Owens Valley Guestbook Entries: 1999 - 2015
9News Staff green Man Trapped for Six Months in Abandoned US Ghost Town
Anonymous (various sources) green Brown Trout
Eastern Brook Trout
First to Spot Mt. Whitney
green Golden Trout
Handling Barbed Wire
green John Muir
green Lahontan Cutthroat Trout
Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Packers 1946 - 1972
green Rainbow Trout
green Roster of High Sierra Packers of 1952
Saline Valley Salt Works
Sierra or Sierras?
Akira, Kurihara green The Japanese Emperior System as a National Religion
Alexander, Samuel Thompson green A Survey of the Inyo County Schools (1935) new 04/21
Anderson, Catherine Joy green Russell and Katherine Spainhower - Lone Pine
Anderson, Wendy Fujihara green Harumi Ogawa and Tadashi Fujihara
Armstrong, Larry & Ray Emerson green Little Lake Hotel - 1860 - 1977
Armstrong, Wayne P. green Why Owens Lake is Red
Arnold, Adelaide WIlson green My Burros Brought Me Life new 11/21
Austin, Mary green Land of Little Rain
Nurslings of the Sky
green Streets of the Mountains
Water Borders
Backert, Carol green Wonacott Family, California Pioneers
Bailey, George H. green Life in the Sagebrush Lands of Southern California new 07/21
Baker, Cindy green Of Mines and Mules: A History of Daggett
Bates, Ted green Five Weeks in the High Sierras
Beebe, Elizabeth green Again Darwin Rises
Beebee, Lucius green Carson & Colorado [railroad]
Belshaw, Mortimer green Mortimer Belshaw Biography
Bishop Rodeo Program green 1947 Bishop Rodeo Program new 08/22
green 1948 Bishop Rodeo Program new 08/22
green 1949 Bishop Rodeo Program new 08/22
green 1963 Bishop Rodeo Program new 08/22
Blakely, Larry green Austin's Beardtongue
Board of Public Service Commissioners green Railroad through desert built by the Southern Pacific Railroad
Bosak, Jon green Andrew A. Forbes - Photographs of the Owens Valley Paiute
Breen, Joe green An Irishman's Diary about Fr. John Crowley, "Padre of the Desert"
Brower, David R. green 1952 Sierra High Trip
Are Mules Necessary?
Brown, Henry M. green 1903 Sierra Club Outing, The
green Bruce Morgan - Mt. Whitney Pack Trains
green Camp Lewis
green Environmental Movement, The
green Heyday of Packing, The
Packing in the Sierra
green Rise of Ronald Regan, The
green Sheep in the Mountains
green Women in the Mountains
Brown, Mora M. green Meet - Chalfant of Inyo
Burkhart, Lona Tankersley green Government Men and Environmentalist - My Personal Opinion
green Hunters
green Life on the Ranch
Lona Tankersley Burkhart (bio)
green Mother and the Bobcat
green Old Time Cowman
green One Final Solution to the Permit Problem
This and That
Burton, Mary Joe green What Became of the 20-Mule Freighters? new 11/21
Butler, Vincent green Walter Starr
California Traveler, Inc. green Historic Legends of Inyo County new 11/21
California State Chamber of Commerce green Pack Trains and Packers - 1954-55 Edition new 08/22
Campbell, Marius R. green Borax Deposits of Death Valley and Mohave Desert
Canyon County Zepher green The Other Lonely Rangers The Forgotten Lives of America's Basque Sheepherders new 11/22
Carlson, Leslie green Actor Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Forest new 08/21
Carrasco, Elizabeth green The Aqueduct
Carson & Colorado RR (Misc. files) green Chronology of the Carson & Colorado Railroad
Location of Carson & Colorado Boxcars
Carter, Chelsea J. green At 8,000 Feet, California "Mine in the Sky" Is About to Enter Valhalla new 01/23
Catren, Robert Charles green Hydroelectric [power] Developments in Southern California new 01/22
Center for Land Use Interruption green Points of Interest in the Owens River Valley - Owens 2004
Chalfant Press green Album, The - Dec 1987
Album, The - Mar 1988
Album, The - Jul 1988
Album, The - Oct 1988
Album, The - Jan 1989
Album, The - Apr 1989
Album, The - Jul 1989
Album, The - Oct 1989
Album, The - Jan 1990
Album, The - Apr 1990
Album, The - Jul 1990
Album, The - Oct 1990
Album, The - Jan 1991
Album, The - Apr 1991
green Album, The - Jul 1991
Album, The - Oct 1991
Album, The - Jan 1992
Album, The - Apr 1992 new 11/21
Album, The - Jul 1992
Album, The - Oct 1992
Album, The - Feb 1993
Album, The - Apr 1993
Album, The - Aug 1993 new 11/21
green Album, The - Winter / Spring 1994-95
Album, The - 1996 new 11/21
Album, The - The Best of the Album new 11/21
Chalfant, Walter A. green Dead Mining Camps and Ghost Towns
Engineer Killed in Train Wreck
High Sierra: the Journey Ends, The
green Lost Cement Mines, The
green Mammoth
green Mile-High Mono Lake
Searles and the Grizzley
green Tall Tales
Chappie, Assemblyman green Assembly Joint Resloution #2 - Relative to China Lake Naval Weapons Center
Cheuvront, Rebecca green Building the Mt. Whitney Trail
Clark, Lewis W. green Mt. Whitney From Timberline Lake new 08/22
Clay, Lynn green  Cowboys Have Always Been Heroes
Clegg, Charles green Carson & Colorado [railroad]
Clement, Genevieve Arcularius green The Arcularius Family
Clyde, Norman green Last Man, The
Colby, William E. green John Muir Trail Construction
Story of the Sierra Club, The
Cole, Richard green Emmett Hayden [of Mammoth, CA] new 08/22
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Cook, Jeff green Keough Hot Springs, Once Upon A Time
Cooper, J. F. green Sparkplug Champion Sillimanite Mine - Mono County
Coscia, David green Southern Pacific Train Films
Courter, Joshua green Rediscovering the Hockett Trail
Cowan, Ernie green New Life on Ghost Mountain
Cragen, Dorothy C. green Early History of Lone Pine new 08/22
Lone Pine Pioneer Cemetery History new 07/21
Crittenden, Jennifer K. green Sierra Basques new 09/22
Crowley , Fr. John J.
(The Desert Padre)
green Desert Mountains
green In Praise of the Burro
green Making of Sagebrush and Tumbleweed, The
green Making Tamales
green Management of a Recalcitrant Burro
green Mass on the Summit of Mt. Whitney
green Origin of the Burro
green Owens Valley Winds
green Story Behind the Wedding of the Waters
green Thoughts on Mary Austin
green Thoughts on Movie Production in Lone Pine
  Wedding of the Waters, The
Cuppett, Annis M. green Cerro Gordo
green Darwin, California ... and the People Who Built It
Dawson, B. C. green Olivas Family, The
DeBoer, Lucille green Manzanar: A Life Story
DeDecker, Cathy green White Smith's Fabulous Salt Tramnew 09/21
Dekker, Cathy green  Captain Titchworth Biography
DeLea, Ray green Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Packer Roster
  Mt. Whitney Packers: 1946 - 1972
High Sierra Lodges - East Side
High Sierra Pack Stations History - East Side
green  High Sierra Pack Stations History - West Side
  Movies Filmed in, around, and near Owens Valley
green  Southern Pacific Train Films
Diamond, Valerie H. green  Historic Overview of the Rush Creek and Lee Vining Creek
Hydroelectric Projects
new 01/22
Dietrich, Ardath green Seen from a Saddle
Dixon, John Glanville green Valley of Broken Hearts, The
Dixon, John Wardle green Treasures of Owens Valley
Dorr, George Bucknam green A Trip Through the California Sierras new 01/22
Drew, Elodie Meysan green Felix Phiip Meysan
Meysan Family, The
Dyni, John R. and Jones, Richard W. green Proceedings of the First International Soda Ash Conference: Volume I new 02/21
Eastern Sierra Interpretive Assoc. green Backroad Tours in the Eastern Sierra - Inyo County new 09/21
Eaton, Fred green Owens River Valley, The
Eveleth, Rose green Pink Snow is not What You Think it is, The
Farquhar, Francis P green  Mount Whitney
  Sierra Club, The
  Sierra Nevada, The
Spanish Discovery of the Sierra Nevada
FDR Presidential Library green  FDR and Japanese American Internment
Ferrell, Mallory Hope green Author's Footnotes to the 4th Edition of the Slim Princess
Narrow Gauge to Nowhere
green Carson & Colorado Boxcar Locations
Slim Princess
Fisher, Jane green  Lubken Story, The
green Seriously Enough
Fleming, Jack green California Ghost Town Sells for $1.4 million
Florin, Lambert green Cerro Gordo, California
Darwin, California
Forstenzer, Martin green Little Lake Hotel Fire - September 14, 1992
Fortman, E. J. green Golden Trout Season Opens July 1; Lures Sport Lovers From Far and Near
Frasher, Kay green Original Borax Wagons Repeat Wasteland Trek in 49er Anniversary
Frasher, Burton green About Burton Frasher
Frazer, Jennifer green Wonderful Things: Don't Eat the Pink Snow
Fretheim, Paul green Incredible Saline to Swansea Salt Tram, The new 07/21
Friends of Cerro Gordo green Cerro Gordo Mining in the 1900s new 01/21
green First White Bride of Cerro Gordo, The new 01/21
Growing Up on the Old "Fat Hill" new 01/21
Hauling It In & Hauling It Out: Anecdotes of the Old Time Packers new 01/21
Irish Harlot of Cerro Gordo, The new 01/21
green Old Time Religion new 01/21
green Stacked Up Bullion Bars new 01/21
green Women of Cerro Gordo, The new 01/21
Gagnon, Al green Chronological History of Owens Valley
Garfinkel, Alan P. green A Cultural Resource Management Plan for the Fossil Falls/Little Lake Locality
Georgeson, Duane L. green Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Operations in the Mono Basin
Gilbert, Dick green Old Joe Ward ... desert man, prospector, poet new 10/21
Gilbert, Helen green High Camp at Hilton Lakes
Gilliam, Harold green Old Man of the Mountains, The
Giraud, Alfred R.
green My First Winter In California
Gleichman, Joan green Sierra Siesta for a Slim Princess
Gordon, Doug green Cornelia Gordon Remembers Her Life with Louis D. Gordon new 01/21
Government Maps green  Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
green Yosemite National Park
Greenawalt, Robert O. green We Hiked the Inyo Bucket Brigade
Grizzle, Charles R. green Mineral King's Hidden "Paylode"
Guinn, J. M. green Some Early History of Owens River Valley
Gustafson, Lee green Southern Pacific Railroad sidings and depots


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