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Pack Mule

Have you ever wondered about that mule's rigging? Well here it is. At the start of every pack season we would get all of the pack saddles out of the tack shed and give them a good soaking with a leather softener. Any damaged rigging would be repaired and then off we would all go to the Elder pasture to shoe all of the stock which was going to be used that summer.

The mule [pdf].

Pack Mule

Western Roping Saddle

 Western Hat Styles
Typical western saddle used by many of the packers and guests on private party trips. Many of the packers and private party guests had their own saddles which were quite more elaborate than the one pictured.

 Montana Peakhat 

Cattleman's Crease

Tom Horn

On Top of New Army Pass

Me with Quarter Boy and my two lead mules, Bart and Dan, on the summit of New Army Pass during a private party trip to Rock Creek. Lynn Aronstadt was the cook What a trip that was! The meat went bad and Lynn accidentally made beef Stroganoff with the foul beef nearly making us all wish for another case of coyote paper. I still can't eat Stroganoff without thinking of that adventure. Those folks from New York just took it all in stride and jumped into Rock Creek buck naked just the same. That's how it was on many of those private party trips. The guests were all terrific and willing to make a lifetime's worth of High Sierra memories in a week or two.
Ray on Army

Sturgis Beef Jerky

Packer's delight - perhaps the BEST beef jerky that can be bought!

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Southern Missouri Mule
Missouri Mule

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Mt. Whitney Pack Trains 1950s Brochure  

Bessie Brady Steamer  

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 1995 Mt. Whitney Packers Reunion


 Mt. Whitney, Packers & Owens Valley Stories

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