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Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine in the early 1900s 

All photo cards on this page courtesy of Rich McCutchan archives unless otherwise noted.

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A Trip to God's Country
by E. J. O'Keefe
(Story provided to me by Irma Cline)


Meysan Store in Lone Pine Circa the Late 1890s
 meysan store
Just in case you ever wondered where those lakes in the canyon just to the south of Whitney Portals got their name!


Early Lone Pine was more lively and colorful than other valley towns. The mines of Cerro Gordo, Panamint, and Darwin brought Lone Pine a floating population of many nationalities, notably miners from Wales, Cornwall, and Mexico. For many years September 16, the anniversary of Mexico's liberation, was Lone Pine's most celebrated feast day -- with guitars, dancing,and cock-fights.
Among the earliest families who came to stay were the Charles Meysans from France. They opened their store in 1869 and rebuilt after the 1872 earthquake.

Main Street Lone Pine Circa 1947
 lone pine 1947

Whitney Observatory on the summit of Mt. Whitney circa 1912
Whitney Obseatory



Lone Pine Saloon - Courtesy of Barb Laskey
Owner - Edward Lasky from the collection of Frank I. and Lena L. Lasky, Lone Pine, CA.
Original donated to the Eastern Sierra Museum, Independence, CA.

lone pine bar
Lone Pine Saloon where Fashbaugh’s store stands today.

Front left to Right: Hillario (Larry) Arambula, John Hamilton, Artie Lubken, Fred Burkhardt, Horace Elder, Mike Selzer,
William Harry Jenkins, Frank Olivas.
Back left to right: Harry Reynolds, Henry Burkhardt, Willy Miller, Teho (sp?) Diaz, Bobbie Harry, Albert Sianz,
and the last person’s name is really uncertain (Ala-Hambra-Chips-Remro-half ----).


The Tuttle Creek Ashram
Recent Photographs of the Ashram


On the Mt. Whitney Trail

 Whitney Trail1
Where did the trail go?

 Whitney Trail5
On the summit of Mt. Whitney with a load of wood.

 Whitney Trail2
On the summit of Mt. Whitney.

 Road Agent

 Whitney Trail3
Nearing Trail Crest Pass at 13,777 ft.

 Road Agent

Whitney Trail4
Pushing mules on the switchbacks headed towards Trail Crest Pass at 13,777 ft. This trail found out what you were really made of as a packer. 


"An Invitation to Catch Golden Trout"[pdf]
by Phil Pister


Golden Trout Camp and Old Army Pass

 GT Camp
Packers heading out of Golden Trout Camp on their way to Cottonwood lakes and Army Pass.

 Golden Trout
A bygone era when there was no such thing as a "limit" on the amount of trout you could catch in a day.

 Mulkey Mdws
A pack train heading east across Mulkey Meadows (more of mile long sandy flat) on the way to Mulkey Pass and Horseshoe Meadow.

 Old Army Pass3
On the trail up to the summit of old Army Pass.

 Old Army Pass
On the trail up to the summit of old Army Pass. Snow banks like this one made a packer's summer! Who else but he was going to clear the trail of all the snow?


Golden Trout Air Drop
(Department of Fish and Game photo)
Planting golden trout the new way with planes, and helicopters.


gilmore gasoline
Gilmore Gasoline Station - photo courtesy of Jeremy Gilmore


lone pine


mt whitney 1913
Mt. Whitney - Circa 1913 by J.W. Bledsoe
(photo courtesy of Charles Delwiche)


lone pine
Lone Pine
(photocard courtesy of Bob Pilatos)

lone pine

Lone Pine
(photocard courtesy of Bob Pilatos)


hms freight
High Sierra Motor Freight
(photocard courtesy of Rich McCutchan)

lone pine 1873
Lone Pine - 1873 - When the El Camino Sierra was still dirt.
(Courtesy Eastern California Museum)

lone pine station
Southern Pacific Railroad Station in Lone Pine - 1940s
(photocard courtesy of Bob Pilatos)

lone pine station
Southern Pacific Railroad Station in Lone Pine - 2016
(photo courtesy of Ray DeLea)


Diaz Lake and Lone Pine photos from "Men, Medicine & Water" by friends of the LACMA Library
Photos were taken by Raymond G. Taylor, M.D. on the occasion of the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct
diaz lake
South Diaz Lake, Owens Valley, November 1909

lone pine
Lone Pine and Mount Whitney, November 1909


lone pine
Main Street (U.S. 395) Lone PIne, CA on January 22, 2017 - Photo courtesy of Indigo Hernandez



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