Packing, High Sierra and
Owens Valley Stories


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Anonymous green Handling Barbed Wire
First to Spot Mt. Whitney
Saline Valley Salt Works
Backert, Carol green Wonacott Family, California Pioneers
Beebee, Lucius green Carson & Colorado [railroad]
Clay, Lynn green  Cowboys Have Always Been Heroes
Clegg, Charles green Carson & Colorado [railroad]
Clyde, Norman green The Last Man
Cook, Jeff green Keough Hot Springs, Once Upon A Time
Courter, Joshua green Rediscovering the Hockett Trail
Crowley , Fr. John J.
(The Desert Padre)
green  The Wedding of the Waters
Story Behind the Wedding of the Waters
green Making Tamales
green Thoughts on Movie Production in Lone Pine
green The Making of Sagebrush and Tumbleweed
green Mass on the Summit of Mt. Whitney
green Desert Mountains
green Thoughts on Mary Austin
green Origin of the Burro
green Management of a Recalcitrant Burro
green In Praise of the Burro
green Owens Valley Winds
Dekker, Cathy green  Captain Titchworth Biography
Dyni, John R. and Jones, Richard W. green  Proceedings of the First International Soda Ash Conference: Volume I new 02/21
Farquhar, Francis P green  Mount Whitney
Spanish Discovery of the Sierra Nevada
  The Sierra Club
  The Sierra Nevada
Fisher, Jane green Seriously Enough
  The Lubken Story
Gagnon, Al green Chronological History of Owens Valley
Government Maps green  Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
green Yosemite National Park
Hadlock, Nancy green Horse Meadows and Bohler Canyon Arborglyphs: History Recorded on the Trees new 02/21
Hilderman, Lillian Larson green Keeler
Holser, William T. green Memoir of an unrepentant romantic Caltech undergraduate - 1938 - 1942
Jordan, William F. green  The Old Jordan Trail (Toll Road)
Kim, Jimin - Beverly Milner & Sunghee Shin green The Comfort Women During World War II new 03/28
Koch, R. W. green The Mystery of the Saline Valley Liberator
Krater, Katharine green Do You Remember Manzanar
The Beloved House
Two Times the Stranger
Kunze, C. E. green Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 1 - Inyo Farmers Loose Fight
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 2 - Struggle for Water
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 3 - Tragedy Stalks Owens Valley
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 4 - The Fate of Big Pine
Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 5 - "White Gold" Disaster
green Valley of Broken Hearts: Part 8 - L.A. Aqueduct History
Leet, Bill green Tunnel Guard Station - circa 1965
Lent, Joseph green The Ever-Changing World of the Paiute new 03/21
Los Angeles Times, The green Board of Water and Power Commissioners Denies Liability
Dr. Lindley Describes His View of the Trip Along the Aqueduct
Councilman Alan Seeks Water Facts
Half of Aqueduct Part Starts Home
Legislature Takes Hand in Owens Valley Row
L.A. Gets No Owens Valley Runoff for the First Time Since 1913
Owens Valley Ante Rises
Owens Valley "Facts" Printed new
Peace Moves are Started in War Over Aqueduct
Police Ready to Rush North
"Times" Aqueduct Excursion Opens Vistas of Prosperity
Los Angeles Daily Herald, The green The Owens Lake Monster
Madina, Frank M.
(Native American from Independence)
green Where Have All the Ranches Gone
Matlick, Myrtle green Autobiography of Myrtle Matlick of Bishop
McMorris & Gans green How to Get Rich in California new
Moore, J. R. green Trouting over the Hockett Trail
Mount Whitney Ranger District green History of Jordan Hot Springs
Newlan, Iri green As I Saw It (Sam Newlan: An Owens Valley Life)
Nordskog, Andrae B. green Civil Wat Threatened: L.A. Faces Water Famine new
Parkhurst, G. Yoell green Inyo County, California (Sunset Magazine, June 1912) new 03/21
Pearson, Janice green Pearsonville - The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Pister, Phil green An Invitation to Catch Golden Trout
Post, Charles Johnson green Horse Packing - 1914
Randles, Slim green Night Ride
green Autobiography
Raymond Jr., 1st Lieutenant R. green The Field Artillery Journal - 1928
Reynolds, Linda A. green Jordan Hot Springs and the Old John Jordan Trail
Robertson, Dorothy green Land of Wandering Waters
green Little Lakes Big Fun
Rowe, Edgar Alan green Joseph Barlow Lippincott Biography
San Francisco Call, The green Jenkins' Woes
green Uncle Collis Purchases One More Railroad
San Francisco Daily Examiner, The green A Voice from the Border
green March 26, 1872 Inyo Earthquake at Lone Pine - 01 April 1872
green March 26, 1872 Inyo Earthquake at Lone Pine - 03 April 1872
green March 26, 1872 Inyo Earthquake at Lone Pine - 13 April 1872
Shannon, Betty green The Mono Pass - Bloody Canyon Trail
green Mono's Vocanic Islands
Sierra Club Bulletin green The 48th Sierra Club High Trip
Shultz, Nurse Hazel green B24 Crash in the Saline Valley
South, Marshal green Desert Diary - The 1940
green Desert Diary - The 1941
green Desert Diary - The 1942
green Desert Diary - The 1943
green Tracks of the Overland Stage
Starry, Roberta M. green Dirty Sock and Beyond
Steffen, Raymond green Other Days At Aberdeen
Steward, Julian H. green Ethnography of the Owens Valley Paiute new 03/21
Stovall, Dennis H. green  It Happened Around Here
Strohl, Daniel green The Stoddard-Dayton Story
Strong, Mary Frances green East of Independence
green Mono's Volcanic Woderland
green Owens Lake Loop Trip
green Owenyo - Where the Narrow Gauge Met the Standard
Teague, Myrtle green A Strange Story About ... The House on Ghost Mountain
Uhlmeyer, Clarice Tate green Wood for the Home Fires
Unknown green Help Promised Owens Valley by the L.A. Board of Water & Power
Volk, Kenneth Q. green Joseph Barlow Lippincott Biography
Walker, Helen green Desert Mirage
Webster, William green Tales of the Desert Padre
Weight, Lucile green 20-Mule Team Days
Werner, Louise Top green Trail to Keynot Summit
Wheelock, Walt green  Norman Clyde - a biography


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