Packing, High Sierra & Owens Valley Stories


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Jane Fisher Seriously Enough
Frank M. Madina
(Native American from Independence)
Where Have All the Ranches Gone
Clarice Tate Uhlmeyer Wood for the Home Fires
Walt Wheelock Norman Clyde - a biography
William Webster Tales of the Desert Padre
Slim Randles Night Ride
Cathy Dekker Captain Titchworth Biography
Fr. John J. Crowley
(The Desert Padre)
The Wedding of the Waters
Story Behind the Wedding of the Waters
Making Tamales
Thoughts on Movie Production in Lone Pine
The Making of Sagebrush and Tumbleweed
Mass on the Summit of Mt. Whitney
Desert Mountains
Thoughts on Mary Austin
Origin of the Burro
Management of a Recalcitrant Burro
In Praise of the Burro
Owens Valley Winds
Jane Fisher The Lubken Story
William F. Jordan The Old Jordan Trail (Toll Road)
Government Maps Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
Yosemite National Park
Lynn Clay Cowboys Have Always Been Heroes
Dennis H. Stovall It Happened Around Here
Lucius Beebee & Charles Clegg Carson & Colorado [railroad]
Sierra Club Bulletin The 48th Sierra Club High Trip
Anonymous Handling Barbed Wire
Phil Pister An Invitation to Catch Golden Trout
Al Gagnon Chronological History of Owens Valley
Anonymous First to Spot Mt. Whitney
Linda A. Reynolds Jordan Hot Springs and the Old John Jordan Trail new
Joshua Courter Rediscovering the Hockett Trail new
J.R. Moore Trouting over the Hockett Trail new
Iri Newlan As I Saw It (Sam Newlan: An Owens Valley Life)
Carol Backert Wonacott Family, California Pioneers
Myrtle Matlick Autobiography of Myrtle Matlick of Bishop
Lillian Larson Hilderman Keeler
Carol Stephens Allen Matlick Family History
Raymond Steffen Other Days At Aberdeen
Jeff Cook Keough Hot Springs, Once Upon A Time
Hazel Shultz B24 Crash in the Saline Valley
Compiled for various sources Saline Valley Salt Works
Kenneth Q. Volk & Edgar Alan Rowe Joseph Barlow Lippincott Biography
Daniel Strohl The Stoddard-Dayton Story
1st Lieutenant R. Raymond Jr. The Field Artillery Journal - 1928
Charles Johnson Post Horse Packing - 1914
Bill Leet Tunnel Guard Station - circa 1965
R. W. Koch The Mystery of the Saline Valley Liberator

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