Mt. Whitney Pack Trains' Packers:
1940s - 1972

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pack trains

Roster of Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Packers: .XLS - .PDF

Scott Adair
Peggy Agnew
Pat Ames
Lynn Aronstan
Ben Baker
Lester Bellas
Larry Berry
ted atchley
lester bellas
larry berry
Alfred Biering
Billy Bishop
Alvis Bonner
Graham Boswell
billy bishop
graham boswell
Eddie Bowman
Eric Brockett
Ed Brown
Ken Bulke
eddie bowman
ed brown
ken bulke
Smokey Bye
Swede Carrasco
Bill Carrasco
Frank Chrysler
smokey bye
frank chrysler
Pard Cline
Vasie Cline
Ted Cook
Fred Cook
pard cline
Sue Cox
Rusty Criner
Jack Crowley
Ray "The Pigmy Packer" DeLea
sue cox
rusty criner
ray delea
Leppy Diaz
Jon Dittmer
Jim DIttmer
Bobby Douglas
leppy diaz
jon dittmer
jim dittmer
bobby douglas
Nancy Droubay
Don Felix
Janis Field
Hal Flueger
nancy droubay
Bob Foreman
Mitzi Garner
Pete Garner
Buddy Garner
pete garner
buddy garner
Harold "Skinny" Gates
Harold Gill
Wendell Gill
Jerry Gillaspe
harold skinny gates
wendel gill
jerry gillaspe
Charlie Gilmore
William "Will" Gilstrap
Jim Gordon
Bob Hanson
charlie gilmore
bill gilstrap
jim gordon
bob hanson
Ivan Hanson
Enid Morgan Hanson
Gene Harlan
Hill Hastings
ivan hanson
enid hanson
gene harlan
Jack Heyneman
Ed Henry
Ken Hess
Eustis Hill
jack heyneman
ken hess
eustis hill
Don Hobbs
Ron Hoffman
Janice Hoffman
Sam House
ron hoffman
sam haure
Glen (Red) Howard
Hank Houten
Norman Jefferson
Tommy Jefferson
glen howard
norman jefferson
tommy jefferson
Barbara Jefferson
Kathy Jefferson
Melvin Joseph
Loren Joseph
barbara morgan
melvin joseph
loren joseph
Tom Joseph
Rachel Joseph
Warren Joslen
Reif Kipp
reif kipp
Irene Kritz
Paul Lamos
Ike Livermore
irene kritz
paul lamos
ike livermore
Dina Livermore
Norman Livermore
Sam Livermore
Craig London
dina livermore
norman livermore
Jimmy Lowe
J. Tugwell Malone
Harry Mathers
Garyanne McBain
jim lowe
j tugwell malone
harry mathers
George McNeil
Eddie Mike
Fred Moore
Bruce Morgan
eddie mike
fred moore
bruce morgan
Grace Morgan
David Morgan
Charles Morgan
Stephanie Morgan
grace morgan
david morgan
charles morgan
stephanie morgan
Mary Morgan
Richard Morgan
Al Noctribe
Henry (Leakey) Olivas
mary morgan
richard morgan
Pete Olivas
Ethyl Olivas
Little Orchid
(Ted Cook's Wife)
Ted Ott
pete olivas
ted ortt
Skip Parker
Frannie Pearson
Roberta Morgan Peters
Salty Peters
skip parker
roberta morgan
Hal Pflueger
Clyde Poncho
Gary Poncho
Perry Pratt
clyde poncho
gary poncho
Chris Rich
Olie Robinson
Danny Rossi
Dorothy Von Loben Sels
chris rich
oli robinson
danny rossi
dorothy sels
Penny Sewell
Mary Slater
Bill Smart
Bud Steele
penny sewell
bill smart
bud steele
Bob Steele
Gene Steves
Mert Stewart
bob steele
murt stewart
bob schwandt
Ann Swingler
Ed Thistlewait
Wilson Thomas
Greg Thompson
ann swingler
ed thistlewaite
Bob Tiege
Dick Troeger
Ed Turner
Paul Valdon
dick troeger
ed turner
Pete Valdon
Paul Visher
Pamela Whitmore
Stewart Yankton
paul visser
pam whitmore
stewart yankton
Sandra Jefferson Yonge
Ben York
Concepcion Zuniga
con zuniga
Johnny ?
Joe ?
Ken (1964ish) ?
Carol (1964ish)?
Unknown 01
Unknown 02
Unknown 03
Unknown 04


Leilauni Holtz Writes
Hi Ray,

I just looked at the pix of the Owens Valley Cowboys of 1951.  Boy, you have some of my relatives everywhere.  My Uncle Wendell Gill and his son, Gabe (who later in life moved in with me in San Diego until he could find a house to move into, is also in the pix. Wendell married one of Pete and Leaky Olivas' sister, Carrie.  I also saw Uncle Wendell in a couple of the pix at Carrol Creek where they were loading the mule who was bucking away.

Of course Pete and Leaky were my Grandmother's brothers.  She was in an old movie I have been trying to track, but difficult as she would never tell me the name, she always believed in doing your own research.  She replace Spainhower's daughter who wanted to be the one to drive a runaway buckboard down Tuttle Creek Road but her Dad didn't think she could handle it so my Grandmother did the shoot.  All the Olivas family could ride, rope and drive wagons, etc. As you know the families are all mixed.  

You posted pix of Bill Carasco, also an inlaw relative with Bob White.  Thanks so much as these people I only saw when they were older. Back in the late 1950's I flew out of Monache with Bob was quite the trip flying with a bush pilot.

As for the Elder Corral, can't count the times I was there....The Elder family is also related to the Olivas'...see what I mean. Carmen Olivas...who came over from Mexico and packed to the mines, married Petra Diaz who was the daughter of Andrea Contreras who married an Elder. You have a pix of the Lone Pine Saloon way back when.  Looking closer I see that my Great Grandfather's brother is there...Frank Olivas.

Next time I can find them I have one or two pix of lunch on the Hoppy set.  My Great Aunt, Del Olivas drove the chuck wagon to the movie sets and we would go with her when we could.  In the pix I have they were celebrating 100 shows or something like that, I'll be sure to keep my eye open for it. My Uncle wrote down the story of when he and Gabe Gill (Wendell's son) rode to Mt. Whitney.

Absolutely love your site.
March 2016


Nancy McEwen Writes
Hi Ray,

I went on a Sierra Club Cleanup Trip to Mount Whitney in 1969.  I remember it because the Gambler Special Plane Crash had just happened in February.  It was also during the Summer Monsoon season.  We were almost to the top of Mount Whitney, when the heavens opened up (with a combination of rain and snow).  A park ranger had come running up the side of the mountain to tell us it was going to be closed.  The guides left me under an overhang, and promised to come back and get me (which they did).  I think my Mom would have had a fit if she could have seen me all by myself on that ledge, with a 1000 foot drop beneath me (just like in CliffHanger).  On the way back down the mountain, we had to cross the creek.  It was so swollen that we did it by everybody linking arms, and practically swimming across it.  The pack horses and mules were NOT happy campers.  I remember spending time in the climber's hut, which turns out to be the Smithsonian Institute lodge.  So apparently I made it all the way to the top.  I remember the doctor's wife had her legs give out, and had to be taken down the mountain on horseback.  That trip was diverted to the Kennedy Peak area, where we actually lost a climber, a 16 year old boy.  I was the one with heart problems - and had some trouble in the rarified air.  I was busy proving to myself that I was just like everybody else ... apparently a lot of people with heart murmurs do just that, climb mountains.

Unfortunately, I did not take my camera with me, so I cannot add any photos.  We did pack over 100 trash bags off the mountain, and most notably, a set of very rusty bedsprings.  I don't know if you are in contact with anybody else who went on that wonderful trip, but I thought I would share my  memories with you.

Nancy McEwen
Mount Whitney Climber 1969, age 16
July 2016


Shanon Mathers Mallory Writes
Hi Ray,

I Thanks so much for sending these, they sure do bring back memories of my childhood with so many of these people… the Jefferson’s of course, the Morgan’s, Olivas’ and Joseph’s as well.  I wish I had better photos of my dad, but the one you have is great and I know exactly which photo you’ve taken it from.  I recently saw Irene Kritz at the LP reunion (she autographed one of her books for me) and she said she had an amazing photo of my dad and would try to find it.  I hope she does.

Thank you again,
Shannon (Mathers) Mallory
July 2016


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