Vintage High Sierra Panoramas
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Merced River
Merced River in Yosemite Valley
(Haines Photo Company - 1915)

"The Story of the Sierra Club"
by William E. Colby

 Upper Yosemite
Scenes Upper Yosemite Valley & High Country
(Pacific Photo Company - 1911)

Grand Sentinal
The Grand Sentinal on the Kings River - Kings Canyon National Park
(Pacific Photo Company - 1911)

 "Eastern Brook Trout"

Hetch-Hetchy Valley
Hetch Hetchy Valley before it was destroyed by the great American dam builders.
(Matt Ashby Wolfskill photo - 1911)

 "John Muir"

Lake George
Lake George in the Mammoth Lakes area.
(Matt Ashby Wolfskill photo - 1911)

Golden Trout Camp  

Mt. Whitney Pack Train's Chrysler & Cook Brochure  

Chrysler & Cook's Mt. Whitney Pack Trains  

Sierra Crossing  

 More High Sierra Panoramas


 Ghosts of the Past 1 - 20 Mule Team & Manzanar


 Ghosts of the Past 2 - Owens Valley Aqueduct & Cottonwood Sawmill

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