"Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Memories"


All photos courtesy of Mary Jefferson unless otherwise noted.
Whitney Crest Panorama courtesy of Greg Russell, copyright Greg Russell

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1954 - Sierra Club photo, South of Franklin Pass, Rattlesnake Creek
[Photo by Cedric Wright]

1961 - PICTURE 2
L to R: Jon Dittmer, George ? (back), Loren Joseph, Richard Morgan, Penny Sewell, Mary Morgan, Charles Morgan, Ken Hess

Tommy Jefferson and Brower Child
[Photo by Cedric Wright]

Charles Morgan, Mary Morgan at the Portal Store

1955 - Roberta Morgan at Carroll Creek

1950s - Barbara Morgan at Outpost Camp

1961 - Crabtree Lakes
L to R: Chris Rich, RIchard Morgan, Bob Foreman

Trail Riders of the Wilderness at Guitar Lake.

1954 - Sierra Club High Trip
L to R: Nancy Droubay, Bob Douglas, Lester Bellas, Billy Bishop, Roberta Morgan, Tom Jefferson

1955 - Sierra Club High Trip: Yosemite Back Country PICTURE 2
L to R (back row): Buddy Garner, Jim Lowe, Ron Hoffman
L to R (front row): Richard Morgan, Roberta Morgan, Tom Jefferson, Reif Kipp, Charles Morgan, Billy Bishop

L to R: Larry Berry, Skip Parker, Billy Bishop

1962 - At the Mt. Whitney Portal Store
L to R: Mary Morgan and Penny Sewell

1953 - Sierra Club High Trip at Milestone Basin
L to R: Lester Bellas, Tugwell Malone, ?, Tommy Jefferson, Larry Berry, Clyde Poncho
[Photo by Cedric Wright]

1953 - East of Franklin Pass on Snake Creek: PICTURE 2
L to R (back row): J. Tugwell Malone (kneeling), ? hat only, Billy Bishop, Skip Parker
L to R (front row): Bob Golden (cook), Gary Poncho, Tommy Jefferson, Lester Bellas' back
[Photo by Cedric Wright]

1953 Sierra Club High Trip - Larry Berry and guests
[Photo by Cedric Wright]


Jack Heinaman

1940s - Bruce Morgan

Charlie Gilmore

1963 - Trail Riders of the Wilderness
Jim Dittmer and Penny Sewell

Fred Moore

1940s - Barbara Morgan

Pete Garner

1940s - Jack Heinaman

1948 - Ivan Hanson


L to R: Billy Bishop, Graham Boswell, Lester Bellas, Gary Poncho, Tommy Jefferson, Clyde Poncho, Skip Parker

1947 - Mono Pass - PICTURE 2
L to R: Fred Simpson, Wendell Gill, Tommy Jefferson
[Cedric Wright photo]

Sierra Club High Trip at Rock Creek

1947 - Sierra Club High Trip at Salley Keyes Lake - PICTURE 2
L to R (back row): Charley Gilmore, Bud Steele, Murt Stewart, Tommy Jefferson, Paul Vischer, Pete Garner, Ike Livermore, Ed Thistlewaite, Smokey Bye

L to R (front row): Ivan Hanson, Bill Smart, Bob Steele, Ted Ortt

1954 - Bobby Douglas on "Blue" with the Sierra Club

1940s - Fred Moore

Murt Stewart

1947 - Tommy Jefferson


Early 1950s
Barbara Morgan on the summit of Mt. Whitney

1963 - Jim Gordon

Early 1950s
Ivan Hanson on the summit of Mt. Whitney

Pete Garner

1957 - Sierra Club High Trip in Evolution Valley
L to R: Charles Morgan (standing), ?, Tommy Jefferson, Roberta Morgan, Ed Turner, ?, ?, Bob Golden (standing)


November - Leonid Meteor Shower over Mono Lake on the flanks of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
[Copyright Tony Rowell]
U.S. National Park Service Night Sky Program

El Camino Sierra  
Aparejo Packing in the Sierra Nevada  

Sawdust Magazine  

More Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Memories  

 More Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Memories


 1903 Sierra Club High Trip Photos


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