Big Pine in the early 1900s

All photo cards on this page courtesy of Rich McCutchan archives unless otherwise noted.

When Big Pine was "nearly" still a pioneer town (1900).

big pine main street
Main Street Big Pine, CA

 big pine library
Big Pine Library

big pine 1914
Big Pine, California - 1914
big pine school
Big Pine School

big pine hall

Big Pine Hall

owens river poultry company
Owens River Poultry Company

big pine

Big Pine, California

big pine
Big Pine, California

main street big pine

Main Street Big Pine, California

hotel butler
Hotel Butler, Big Pine, CA

 crocker avenue
Crocker Avenue, Big Pine, CA

hotel butler

Hotel Butler, Big Pine, CA

welch's cafe
Welch's Cafe - Big Pine, California

big pine station
Big Pine Station

hotel butler
Hotel Butler, Big Pine, CA

big pine
Big Pine, California

big pine
Big Pine, California

"A Near View of the High Sierra"[pdf]
by John Muir

Glimpses of early Big Pine


main street
Main Stree
town hall
Town Hall

Grammar School

Pioneer Pageant
Movin' out the sheep

Big Pine Swimming Pool

Joseph's Groceries
fire house
The Fire House!

Unknown residents

A.M. (Al) Crocker of Eugene, OR writes.
Hi Ray,

I read with interest your commentary on early Big Pine. My dad was born in Big Pine in 1908, the youngest of five children. His name was Allen and his twin sister was Alliene. All five of the Crocker children are deceased. My dad married Helen Montrose of bodie in the late twenties and my sister and I are a product of that marriage. His older brother Albert was the most senior game warden in the state of Califronia when he retired. I've researched the history of the Owens Valley to some degree and my family goes back several generations. I went to school in Big Pine from 1946 until the year my dad passed on in 1952.

A little insight in my childhood, when I was about ten (1948) the pack station on Big Pine creek was owned by Ed and Marge Sargent. Their son, Jim, was my best friend (we were nine months apart in age) and we roamed the hills from the pack station to all the lakes of the chain on upper Big Pine Creek and into the Baker Creek area also. My grandfather, I was told, donated the land for the cemetery, school, and church in Big Pine in the early nineteen hundreds and his grand dad was involved in one of the last Indian skirmishes on the north end of Owens Lake in the late eighteen eighties. The Greggs and Crockers ran cattle under four brands on a ranch in the east slope, Nevada side of the White Mountains. I have some family history written by family members as memorabilia on incidents and people. My dad, Allen Crocker (known as "Chum") was born in Big Pin in 1908. There was a twin sister and two older brothers and another older sister. I'm related to about half the valley by marriage, the Rossi's, the Mitchell's, the Gregg's, and a number of other pioneer families. I left the valley in 1952 after my dad passed away and my mom had to go to So. Cal. to find work. My dad and my uncle, Albert (the local state fish and game warden) worked off and on for Ed Sargent at the pack station as a wrangler and camp cook. Jim and I roamed the mountains at the age of ten to fourteen without any adult supervision, just fishing exploring. This activity would be frowned on in today's society. Anyhow, just wanted you to know kind of what my history was and if you could find any information on my family background.

A.M. Crocker
December 2008

 "Wood for the Home Fires"[pdf]
by Clarice Tate Uhlmeyer

tom tate
Tom Tate on his horse Billy which he rode to and from his farm in Big Pine during the 1920s

esther tate
Esther Tate (Tom's wife)

Vintage Eastern Sierra Brochures  

Cerro Gordo  

 More Early Big Pine


 Early Bishop Residents


Mary Austin


The Carson & Colorado Railroad in Owens Valley

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