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Packing, High Sierra and Owens Valley Stories
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Austin, Mary green Nurslings of the Sky
Water Boarders
Streets of the Mountains
Land of Little Rain
Blakely, Larry green Austin's Beardtongue
Burkhart, Lona Tankersley green This and That
green Lona Tankersley Burkhart (bio)
green Government Men and Environmentalist - My Personal Opinion
green Mother and the Bobcat
green Old Time Cowman
green Life on the Ranch
green Hunters
green One Final Solution to the Permit Problem
Carson & Colorado RR (Misc. files) green Location of Carson & Colorado Boxcars
Chronology of the Carson & Colorado Railroad
Chalfant, Walter A. green The Lost Cement Mines
green Searles and the Grizzley
green Mammoth
green Mile-High Mono Lake
green Tall Tales
green Dead Mining Camps and Ghost Towns
DeBoer, Lucille green Manzanar: A Life Story
Ferrell, Mallory Hope green Narrow Gauge to Nowhere
green Slim Princess
green C & C Boxcar Locations
Giraud, Alfred R.
green My First Winter In California
Harrington, Bryon green The Fat Cat From Fat Hill Gets Skinned new
Harvey, Marian green The Mysterious Lake new
Hooper, Mildred green So ... What's a Navajo Taco new
Jenkins, Marguerite green Dirty Sock ... A "For Free" Spa on the Mojave Desert new
Jepson, Willis Linn green Mules and Men
Kelley, Tracy Randall green The Frying Pan as an Oven
Koch, Fred green The Golden Trout of Cottonwood Lakes
Kyne, Peter B. green Two Mules and a Motorist
Langley, Christopher green High and Dry: Caretaking the Ghosts of Cerro Gordo
Laudermilk, Jerry green Mirage - Magic of the Air new
Lawbaugh, A. La Vielle green When Lead Was Mined at the Cerro Gordo new
Leadabrand, Russ green North of Bishop
green Into Southern Inyo County
Lee, W. Storrs green Revolution in the Laundry
green Neither Water Nor Grass -- Nothing
Lewis, Oscar green Home on the Range
green Some Sierra Superlatives
Ligenfelter, Richard green The Desert Steamers
Likes, Robert C. green Mono Mills to Bodie new
Lloyd, Audrey Walls green Saga of Death Valley's Jimmy Dayton new
Livermore Jr. (Ike), Norman B. green High Sierra Recollections by William E. Colby
Martin, Emilie green Construction of the Whitney Portal Road
Millspaugh, Al green The Saga of the Bessie Brady new
Mineral Information Service green Mary Austin - A Page From History
Mitchell, Roger green Where the Falls Turned to Stone new
Moore, Rena Beth green Monache Tour 1925
Muir, John green Sierra Thunderstorms
green A Near View of the High Sierra
Nadeau, Remi green The Bullion Kings
green The Jingle of Mule Teams
green The Fight for Cerro Gordo
green The Fall of Cerro Gordo
Neal, Howard green Desert Ghosts - Darwin, California new
O'Keffe, E.J. green A Trip to God's Country
Pacific Coast Borax Co., The green The 20-Mule-Team & Borax Bill
Phillips, Margaret green Padre of the Desert new
Richardson, Gary green California's Alabama Hills new
Roth, Hal green The Golden Staircase
green The Sheepmen
green The Golden Trout
Savage, George green The Walter A. Chalfant Story
Spears, John R. green Freighting in the Desert
Tanner, Bob green How to Plan a Pack Trip
Thomann, Jane green Building of Many Uses (the Little Lake Zig-Zag Post Office)
green Rose Valley
green The Midland Trail
green Coso Hot Springs
green Los Angeles Construction in the Vacinity of Little Lake
green Sam Lewis
green Dunmovin
green William W. Bramlette Family
green Horace Percy Thelan
Turner, George green Narrow Gauge in a Wilderness
green Ghost Rails to Oblivion
Van Horn, Lawrence F. green The Paiutes and Shoshones of Owens Valley, California
Weight, Harold O. green Tales of 20 Mule Days
green God Made Mules A-Purpose


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