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Packing, High Sierra, and Owens Valley Stories


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All Visitors red Owens Valley Guestbook Entries: 1999 - 2015
Anonymous (various sources) green Mt. Whitney Pack Trains Packers 1946 - 1972
green Roster of High Sierra Packers of 1952
Eastern Brook Trout
John Muir
Golden Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout
green Sierra or Sierras?
Armstrong, Wayne P. green Why Owens Lake is Red new
Bates, Ted green Five Weeks in the High Sierras
Beebe, Elizabeth green Again Darwin Rises new
Brower, David R. green Are Mules Necessary?
green 1952 Sierra High Trip
Brown, Henry M. green The 1903 Sierra Club Outing
green Camp Lewis
green Sheep in the Mountains
green The Heyday of Packing
green Women in the Mountains
green Bruce Morgan - Mt. Whitney Pack Trains
green The Environmental Movement
Packing in the Sierra
green The Rise of Ronald Regan
Brown, Mora M. green Meet - Chalfant of Inyo new
Chalfant, Walter A. green The High Sierra: the Journey Ends
Colby, William E. green John Muir Trail Construction
The Story of the Sierra Club
Cowan, Ernie green New Life on Ghost Mountain new
Cuppett, Annis M. green Cerro Gordo new
green Darwin, California ... and the People Who Built It new
Dietrich, Ardath green Seen from a Saddle
Dixon, John Wardle green Treasures of Owens Valley new
Eveleth, Rose green This Pink Snow is not What You Think it is
Florin, Lambert green Cerro Gordo, California new
Darwin, California new
Fortman, E. J. green Golden Trout Season Opens July 1; Lures Sport Lovers From Far and Near
Frazer, Jennifer green Wonderful Things: Don't Eat the Pink Snow
Gilbert, Helen green High Camp at Hilton Lakes new
Gilliam, Harold green The Old Man of the Mountains
Gleichman, Joan green Sierra Siesta for a Slim Princess new
Greenawalt, Robert O. green We Hiked the Inyo Bucket Brigade new
Grizzle, Charles R. green Mineral King's Hidden "Paylode" new
Hoffman, Abraham green Myth, History and Water in the Eastern Sierra
green Dedicating the Aqueduct Cascade
Hopkins, Sarah Winnemucca green Paiute Life
Hubbard, Anita Day green The First High Horse Trip
green First High Horse Trip
Inyo County Board of Supervisors green Sherman Stevens' Timber Empire
Jepson, Willis Linn green Mt. Whitney, Whitney Creek, and Poison Meadow Trail
Le Conte, J. N. green The Diamond Hitch
Lewis, Sam green Sam Lewis Journal
Livermore Jr., Norman B. (Ike) green A One-Man Diamond Hitch
green A West Side Packer on the High Trip
green Oh! For the Life of a Packer!
green Sierra Packing and Wilderness Policy
green Packing, 50 Years Ago
McAdie, Alexander, G. green Mount Whitney Meteorological Observatory
The Observatory on Mount Whitney
Morgan, Charles green Mt. Whitney Pack Trains
green Mule Packers and the Sierra Club
O. Weight, Harold O. green Wagons to Haul Through Hell
Perkins, Peter green Bill Carrasco
green John Lacey
green Pat Cline
Roy Hunter
Sandy Kemp
Robin Hansen, Robin green Lighting and the Mountain
Savory, Theodore H. green  The Mule
Sierra Club Bulletin/Handbook
blue 1946 High Trip
blue 1947 High Trip
blue 1948 High Trip
blue 1949 High Trip
blue 1950 High Trip
blue 1951 High Trip
blue 1952 High Trip
blue 1953 High Trip
blue 1954 High Trip
blue  1955 High Trip
blue 1956 High Trip
blue 1957 High Trip
blue 1958 High Trip
blue 1959 High Trip
blue 1960 High Trip
blue 1961 High Trip
blue 1962 High Trip
blue 1963 High Trip
blue 1964 High Trip
blue 1965 High Trip
blue 1966 High Trip
blue 1967 High Trip
blue 1967 Horse Trip
blue 1968 High Trip
blue 1969 High Trip
blue 1970 High Trip
blue 1971 High Trip
blue 1971 Burro Trip
blue 1972 High Trip

green Wilderness Outings
green Sierra Club 1916 High Trip
Simon, Richard green Internment Sites Preservation
Stallings, Blanch green Sierra Stars
green Sierra Sounds
green The Range of Light from Mt. Whitney
Starr, Walter A. green Sierra Trails
Webster, Paul green High Country In Season: The Great Sierra Nevada
Wilson, James R. green Lighting and the Mountain


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