The Owens Valley Aqueduct 

Unless otherwise note, all L.A. aqueduct photographs on these pages are from the
Joseph Barlow Lippincott Papers, LIPP, The Water Resources Center Archives, University of California, Berkeley or public domain archival files.

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 Owens Lake

Completed aqueduct with a full Owens Lake in the background

 Aqueduct Tunnel

Aqueduct tunnel construction

 Completed Aqueduct

Opening day of the aqueduct in Los Angeles.

 Aqueduct Siphon

One of the many siphons along the aqueduct route.

 Desert Construction
Aqueduct construction in the Mojave Desert.

The aqueduct in Owens Valley.

 Aqueduct Terminus

Aqueduct terminus in Los Angeles

 Aqueduct in Desert

Aqueduct crossing the desert to one of the siphons.

Detail 1, Detail 2
Mule team hauling machinery for the construction of the Los Angeles aqueduct.
[photo courtesy of]

1864 Map of the Owens River and Owens Valley
mining map

LA Water Board

The Board of Water Commissioners of the L.A. Department of Water and Power at the time of the building of the L.A. Aqueduct to Owens Valley. (L-R) John J. Fay, J. M. Elliott, Moses H. Sherman, William Mead, and Fred L. Baker. Sherman served on the water board while he also participated in plans to develop the San Fernando Valley, which became the outlet point for the aqueduct. Sherman's double role has been the source of conspiracy theories with regard to the aqueduct.

Further reading on the Owens Valley Aqueduct

The Lost Frontier by Robert A. Sauder (1994)
Complete Report on the Construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct by Los Angeles Board of Public Service Commissioners (1916)
Rivers in the Desert by Margaret Leslie Davis (1993)
Owens Valley and the Los Angeles Controversy by Richard Wood (1973)
The Owens Valley Controversy & A.A. Brierly: The Untold Story by Robert A. Pearce (1999)
Cadillac Desert: the American West and It's Disappearing waterby Marc Reisner

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The Owens Valley Land Grab

Making "out of print" and "hard to find" books easier to find.


la aqueduct terminus


Los Angeles Aqueduct in Owens Valley
los angeles aqueduct

los angeles aqueduct

los angeles aqueduct

For the first time in 100 years ...
no water in the Los Angeles Aqueduct in Owens Valley - June 2015


Photographs courtesy of the Rich McCutchan Archives
la aqueduct
Ranchers & Owens Valley residents having chow on the L.A. Aqueduct
la aqueduct
Ranchers & Owens Valley residents having chow on the L.A. Aqueduct

la aqueduct

Bishop ranchers in possion of the L.A. Aqueduct - 1924

la aqueduct

Ranchers and Owens Valley residents occupying the L.A. Aqueduct


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