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All Manzanar photographs from the Manzanar High Yearbook.

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 Choral Group
Choral Group

 ASB 1st Semester
Associated Student Body (1st Semester)

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 Portraits of Manzanar High School

To Class

Baton Girls
Baton Girls

Girls League
Girls League (2nd Semester)
 Yearbook Signatures

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Additional Links on Japanese American Internment Camps
War relocation camps in Arizona
Photographs by Dorothy Lange
Internment timeline
FDR and Japanese American Internment

Photographs by Masumi Hayashi
More Japanese American internment camp books
Japanese American National Museum

Betty U
Betty Umehara

 Toshiyuki T
Toshiyuki Tomita

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Ghosts of the Past 3 - Bruce Morgan's '49ers  

20-Mule-Team History  

More Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp Portraits & History  

 More Manzanar High School Portraits & History


 More Manzanar History & Manzanar Free Press


 Owens Valley Aqueduct Portraits & History


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