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When Manzanar was a new and blossoming town in Owens Valley.

manzanar brochure

"This is one of the new towns in the Valley.... known as the 'Manzanar Irrigated Farms' tract, and consists of about 6,000 acres, subdivided into lots ranging from 16 to 25 acres each.

"This tract is traversed by the main road through Owens River Valley. The bond issue carried in November, 1916, will provide funds for its immediate permanent improvement as an official State Highway. It will thus become one of the main arteries of the State of California...

"Manzanar is about 245 miles from Los Angeles via rail, trains now leaving Los Angeles in the evening and reaching the Valley the following morning. As Pullman sleeper service is available, it makes for a very convenient and pleasant trip from Los Angeles...

"There is no doubt that sometime in the not distant future, transcontinental service from Los Angeles to the east will be inaugurated through Owens River Valley, as it will shorten the distance by about 100 miles and make one of the greatest scenic roads in America...
"The Owens Valley has an abundant supply of surface or over-ground water, supplied by the melting snow fields of the High Sierra Nevada Mountains on the west, which supply reaches its greatest flow during the irrigation season in the Valley...


"Owens Valley is on the route of the most attractive of all transcontinental automobile highways, the 'MIDLAND TRAIL.' The best natural route across Nevada comes into this Valley over Westgard Pass, in the White Mountains, a pass so rarely snow-blocked as to justify the assertion that it is always open. The traveler, reaching that summit, faces the grand panorama of the snow-covered Sierras, looming two miles higher than the green and gold checkered spread of the farms in the Valley at their foot...

"Here is what Ex-Governor James N. Gillet says: 'I look for the day not far hence when Inyo will be the great attraction for tourists the world over.... an eager throng will hasten here to share with you the bounties that nature has so lavishly bestowed upon you."'

Manzanar Japanese American Internment Facility  

Saline Valley Saltworks Tramway   

Carson & Colorado Railroad  

High Sierra Pack Stations  

Willie A. Chalfant  

More Manzanar Town

Norman Clyde


 Packing 50 Years Ago


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