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canyons, virgin forests,

crystal-clear lakes and streams, offer one of the most beautiful and easily accessible regions in this whole might Sierra-Nevada range. The country abounds in Golden Trout, the "beauty fish" of the high country, one of the gamiest fish known. It is a species distinct in itself and is native to this country.

Lone Pine Lake


reason why more than

a quarter million people annually vacation in the High Sierra. It is an ideal country in which to rest or to enjoy the beauties of California's most majestic scenic district. After a taste of its delights, you are beckoned to return again and often. To the sportsman, the High Sierra needs no introduction.


Chrysler and Cook Pack Trips to the top of Mt. Whitney


Mt. Whitney, highest in the United States and ultimate goal of all mountain lovers, is now easily accessible over by far the shortest and most scenic route of any trail leading to the summit of this famous peak.

The trail starts at our Hunters Flat pack station, located 14 miles west of Lone Pine, at the end of the new auto road. Trail zig-zags up the mountain with Lone Pine Creek cascading over a series of falls to the left. An hour's ride brings us to a beautiful alpine lake, the home of several species of trout. Another 20 minute's ride and we arrive at Mt. Whitney Outpost Camp, located at 10,300 feet, just below timberline line, in the wondrous setting of towering cliffs and green meadows of Ibex Park. Here those on the more leisurely two and three day trip, as well as those wishing to take advantage of the excellent fishing in the near-by lakes and streams, are served delicious mountain cooked meals and furnished with clean, comfortable beds during their stay.

The trip is resumed, passing Mirror lake, and a short distance beyond, the last, stunted tree of timber line. Here we enter a world of mighty granite walls and boulder strewn basins, with beautiful Consultation Lake to our left. In this wilderness of stone, some of the loveliest of the high country wild flowers grow. Again the trail zig-zags sharply upward, passing thru fields of everlasting snow. Directly over our heads the wild crags of Muir and the Whitney pinnacles are silhouetted against the


Map showing highway
connections from principal points
Also locations of Chrysler and Cook
pack stations, camps, landing
field and the back country
tapped on trips

Lone Pine Map

Inyo Independent Print --- Independence, California

dark blue of the sky. Suddenly the fore-ground drops away ---- Whitney pass ---- and we sit our horses on the back bone of the Sierra. Mountains, peaks, as far as the eye can reach. Below us the grand canyon of the Kern ---- beyond, the ramparts of the Kaweahs and Great Western Divide.

A short distance beyond the pass, the trail forks, one branch dropping down the west side to Crabtree meadows, south to Rock Creek and via Army Pass and Cottonwood Lakes to our Carrol Creek Pack Station. Or from Crabtree, those out for a week or longer, may drop down into the Kern, south to Golden Trout Creek and out to Carrol Creek, or west to Giant Forest --- or even far north to Yosemite and beyond. All of this back country is a veritable seventh heaven for the fisherman.

The other fork of the trail continues upward, clinging to the steep side of the mountain --- from time to time crossing the bottoms of giant notches in the main ridge, enabling us to get startling glimpses of the Owens valley and the mountains beyond. At last the very summit. The majesty of the view almost takes your breath away --- peaks, lakes, streams and timber --- all unspoiled, virgin wilderness. To the east Owens Valley, with far beyond, the blue desert ranges of Nevada --- southeast, Death valley, with the Panamint and Funeral ranges --- while directly below us, two thousand feet straight down, is a beautiful little lake with an iceberg in the center. - - This trip, you'll always remember.

Chrysler & Cook pamphlet courtesy the archives of Rich McCutchan

Golden Trout Camp  

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