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Fan Run
Engine No. 9 sporting a phony smoke stack and headlamp with a group of narrow gauge rail aficionados in the late 1950s.
(Fred Hust)

Closing Days of the Carson & Colorado in Owens Valley

 Last Run
These final words echoed the end of the Keeler Branch of the narrow gauge railroad in Owens Valley.
(George Turner Collection)

In Tow
The "Grand Old Lady," engine No. 9, rides a free pass on her last trip. Having failed to pass an I.C.C. boiler inspection earlier, No. 9 was deprived of making her last run by her own power.
(George Turner Collection)

 Lifting Ties
A portion of the ties removed as a result of the abandonment of the Tonopah Junction to Benton section during 1943.
(Dick Datin Collection)

Pulling Rails 
The track gang keeps a steady pace as the scrap train nears Kearsarge.
(George Turner Collection)

 Pulling Rails
The first portion of the Keeler Branch rail that was removed is loaded at Zurich in September, 1960.
(George Turner Collection)

Ghost Rails
Ghost rails in the desert sands.
(Hugh Tolford Collection)

 C&C Twilight
Engine Nos. 9 and 18 on and evening run.
(Wendell Mortimer, Jr.)

 "Ghost Rails to Oblivion"[pdf]
by George Turner

 For Sale
Thursday, September 22, 1960 classified advertisement.
(Inyo Register, Bishop, California)

Box Cars

Taking Water
No. 18 taking on water in Owens Valley.
(Richard F. Thomas photo)

Turning the Schenectady built 4-6-0 on the Gallows turntable.
(Al Phelps photo)

Inverted Crossing
Inverted crossbuck at the Mt. Whitney siding.
(Donald Duke Collection)

End of Line
Engine No. 18 makes a caboose-hop during this twilight run on the narrow gauge in Owens Valley.
(Donald Duke Collection)

Stranded by economics, geography and time, the Owens Valley narrow gauge traversed a beautiful and remote land on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The former Florence & Cripple Creek Engine No. 22 drifts into Keeler in 1940.
(Frank J. Peterson photo)

Keeler Dry Dock
A former Carson & Colorado baggage-mail car provides storage for tools along with a boxcar and several sheds.
(Richard F. Thomas)

 NO Rails
Reclaimed by time.
(Mallory Ferrell)

 Forgotten Rails 
Lonesome and deserted ties in the sand.
(George Turner Collection)

Ghost Boxcars
Did you ever wonder where all of those C&C boxcars used on the narrow gauge railway in Owens Valley ended up? Would it surprise you if I mentioned names like Henry Olivis, Dr. Smart, Bob White and Ben Baker, to name a few, were proud owners of some of those cars. If you're interested who else in Owens Valley, at least as of 1982, ended up with those boxcars then click on the link below and enjoy.

"C&C Boxcar Locations"[pdf]
by Mallory Ferrell

Ghosts of the Carson & Colorado

C & C Police Badge courtesy of Rich McCutchan

NOTE: According to Dennis Burke, President of the Carson & Colorado./ Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society

"This Carson & Colorado Police Badge is a FRAUD. There was never a C&C Police. You can also confirm this with the Railroad Historians at both the Nevada and California State RR Museums. This badge was made by a person in Texas who has made several others that are frauds and sold them on e-bay. We watched this a few years back while it was on e-bay a observed how much the buyer paid. (it was a shame). We actually contacted the seller and was told by him that he purchased it at a flea market and was going by what he was told. This is what he tells us every time we contact him about his badges.

 Below is a picture of a lock and key from the famed Carson & Colorado Railroad which recently (Dec. 2002) sold on E-Bay.
[photo by Jason Lubra]



Howard Fogg
[Howard Fogg painting]

No. 9
No. 9 waits for a switch at Keeler back in 1938.
[photo by Gerald Best]

end of line
"End of the line."
[photo by Jim Morley]




Carson & Colorado RR Photos Courtesy of Rich McCutchan
carson and colorado railroad
carson and colorado railroad
carson and colorado railroad


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