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20-mule team
Newly built 20-Mule Team Wagons going for a test run in the California desert before appearing in the 2016 Rose Parade
[Click on image for mp4 video]
(Courtesy Death Valley Conservency)

Twenty Mules — Ten Teams

These are the team names counting from the wagon forward to the front team.

01-02 Wheelers - (Largest & strongest. Sometimes draft horses.)
03-04 Pointers - (Leap over the chains,
05-06 Sixes - & turn sideways, & walk
07-08 Eights - sideways on a curve.)
09-10 Swing - (Workers)
11-12 Swing -
13-14 Swing -
15-16 Swing -
17-18 Swing -
19-20 Leaders - (Intelligence & ability to lead.)


20 Mule Team Days

20 Mule Team Days

20 Mule Team Days

20-mule-team wagon s
20 Mule Team Wagons

20-mule-team turn
Turning the 20 mule team

adrienne quinn
20 Mule Team
by Adrienne Quinn
[copyright Adrienne Quinn,
Feminine Mystique Art Gallery]

Harnessing the 20-mule-team

Laying out the harness

Bruce Morgan hitching up the mules.

ronald regan
Ronald Regan, host of "Death Valley Days"

Checking out the jerk line. The lead (one the right) jerk line mule was Jed!

20-mule-team borax
20 Mule Team Borax Queen

Charles Morgan
Bruce Morgan leading the 20 mule team out.

20 Mule Team Route

Dotted Line: Ed Stiles' route hauling first borax from Eagle Works to Daggett.

Long Dashes: Route old timers say was used from Harmony and Amargosa before opening of Mojave road.

Solid Line: Famed 1883-1888 Death Valley - Mojave route of the twenty mule teams.

Short Dashes: Routes followed from middle '70s from Searles borax works.

Library of Congress postcard which Woody Guthrie sent to Alan Lomax on January 15, 1941.
Reverse side of the postcard.

20 Mule Team model and backdrop painted and assembled by Ray DeLea.

20 Mule Team Kits Available Once Again
This is just to let you know that the 20 Mule Team Model Kits are once again available. I just returned from a trip to death valley and much to my surprise, there were the 20 mule team model kits again. They were being sold at the Borax Museum in Furnace Creek.

The kits are available on-line at: http://www.muleteamkits.com
and also at: The Furnace Creek Resort

It is great to see that these models are once again available.

The Pigmy Packer
December 2009

20 mule team
20 Mule Team (1940)

20 mule team
20 Mule Team Movie
L to R: Anne Baxter (Joan Johnson), Noah Beery. Jr. (Mitch), Oscar O'Shea (Train Conductor)

fan fan
20 Mule Team Borax Advertising Fan circa 1920s

20 mule team fan

20 mule team ad
Pacific Coast Borax Advertisement

20 mule team ad
20 Mule Team Borax Advertisement circa 1923

20 mule team picture

boron mule team
Full Scale 20 Mule Team Model at the Pacific Coast Borax Company in Boron, California.

20 mule team
20 Mule Team Movie
L to R: Wallace Beery (Skinner Bill Bragg), Leo Carrillo (Piute Pete)


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